Kate Wibberly
Biographical information
Full Name
Katherine Wibberly
Kate P.
Katrina (by the Countess)
Evelina (by Emma)
Circa. 1997 (age 4, Prologue; 14, The Emerald Atlas; age 15, The Fire Chronicle)
Circa. 2012 (brought back to life by Michael)
Resides In
The Atlas
Wibberly family
Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Information
Richard Wibberly (father)
Clare Wibberly (mother)
Emma Wibberly (sister)
Michael Wibberly (brother)

Kate Wibberly, previously known as simply Kate P, is the eldest of the children of prophecy and the Keeper of the Book of Time(or The Emerald Atlas). She was fourteen years old at the beginning of the series.


Early life

When Kate was four, her parents suddenly left one Christmas Eve night with Stanislaus Pym and made Kate promise to protect her siblings, Michael and Emma. Shortly afterwards, she and her brother and sister were sent to an orphanage. Emma constantly got in fights protecting her siblings, so the children were sent around from orphanage to orphanage, finally ending up in the Edgar Allan Poe Home for Hopeless and Incorrigible Orphans in Baltimore, Maryland. From there, Kate and her siblings were sent to a mysterious orphanage in a town called Cambridge Falls.

The Emerald Atlas

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The Fire Chronicle

Kate ends up with the Atlas, the Book of Time, and she only first realizes how to use it when she ends up traveling into the past to get rid of a Screecher that has attached itself to her arm in order to save Michael and Emma. Kate gets stuck in the past when she passes out, and cannot get back home. She meets a boy named Rafe, whom she ends up falling deeply in love with, but ends up becoming the Dire Magnus to save her life. She returns home and dies, but Michael brings her back to life.

The Black Reckoning

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